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When sharing an email should you CC or BCC?

🤔 engagement post - read and share thoughts about CCing and BCCing

I think we have all done it, we have a great idea, found something worth sharing and in our excitement we email it to all our friends, but should we CC or BCC?

Personally, I CC when it is a small group of people whom I know all will want to be continuing a discussion, and I BCC when it is a larger group of people that I know will "just" be interested.

A thought, when you CC - everyone on the CC list can see who the email was sent to.

Also, if BCCing is something new - if you are BCCing send the email to your self with everyone else on the BCC list.

Anyway, this is an 🤔 engagement post - visit when sharing an email should I CC or BCC? and share thoughts about CCing and BCCing.

If we get enough comments will compile them into a list of best practices.

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