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Updates on the sharing Freemasonry online list of Lodge events, where we have come and where to next

Read more for key takeaways from Jay Rottem's discussion about the online list of Lodges.

Following are some key takeaways from Jay Rottem's discussion about the online list of Lodge events.

  • The list of online Lodge events or meetings started at the beginning of the shutdown when it was discovered that a couple of different lodges were doing zoom meetings.
  • To help share I joined up with the team at masonsConnect who are putting together resources to help share Freemasonry.
  • The list was featured as a link in the FVNews daily email newsletter until a decision was taken to stop supporting the list on masonsConnect.
  • Personally, I decided to keep going with the list of online Lodge meetings because it's more than just Victorian meetings which is what is in the FV News.
  • Recently I have become involved with the the team at the Blue Lounge Social Club and it was suggested that we could make that list a bit better by incorporating it into the the Blue Lounge website.
  • Next up for the list of online Lodge meetings is a calendar view that will work the your outlook or your google calendar, where on any particular day you will be about to automatically download an online event into your own calendar.

If you have an event that you would like add email [email protected]

Feel very welcome to share thoughts and comments about the online list of Lodge events here.

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