Helping people share Freemasonry

RSVP and join for the eight awesome 3-minute keynotes that are finalised for our sharing Freemasonry October team meeting

Join me for the next masonsConnect sharing Freemasonry team meeting on October 8th, 2020 at 7PM.

To join RSVP here, select 7PM time, fill in the details and a zoom link will be sent to you.

We have eight awesome keynote presenters organised to help us learn more about sharing Freemasonry, including the following.

  1. Updates from the team on sharing Freemasonry social media engagement survey - presented by Matt Cameron.
  2. Hacking the future with creative thinking, some thoughts and ideas presented by Justin Stark.
  3. Updates on helping members with sharing Freemasonry by telling their stories on YouTube, for example - presented by Andrew Shen.
  4. Updates on the online list of Lodge events, where we have come and where to next - presented by Jay Rottem.
  5. Sharing Freemasonry with a hashtag MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE - presented by Milton Mann.
  6. My online journey with Freemasonry starts now - presented by James Lacey.
  7. How your audience views you and reacts (at least in their head) when they read what you have posted - presented by Richard Shelly.
  8. Importance of empathy in communication especially in this time of digital transitioning - presented by Wayne Millard.
  9. Updates on the awesome the awesome list of Freemasonry Victoria on Facebook  - presented by Matt Cameron.
  10. AGM and vote for officers for 2020/2021 presented by Ron Cameron

IMPORTANT - 😉 the purpose of masonsConnect is not to replace any of the very good work that many others are doing in the community, put rather to help people with sharing Freemasonry.

Don't forget it does not cost anything to be involved with masonsConnect.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone next week.

Share this email with anyone that you know would be interested.

Reply if you have any questions.

Matt Cameron
For and on behalf of masonsConnect

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