Helping people share Freemasonry

Online sharing Freemasonry social media learning workshop

Join masonsConnect on the first Tuesday of every month to learn more about how to share Freemasonry online.

The next online sharing Freemasonry social media learning workshop is on Tuesday 1st September at 7:30pm where Matt Cameron will share how people make sense of what they see on social.

In summary, we will have a look at how people make sense of images of Freemasonry on the internet, look at how these have changed over the years and then consider what next.

Easy to follow along format with guest presenter, show and tell, Q&A and do it yourself session to help with learning more.

RSVP TO JOIN - for meeting link email [email protected]

Not able to make it? - we have you covered because we will be recording for you to play back at your convenience. For notification of when we post to YouTube email [email protected]

Comment with questions and suggestions for workshops.

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