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Let's make a collection of links to all our online meeting videos

I was looking at a post on Facebook this morning thinking ... that looks like an interesting online meeting, what a shame I already have another online meeting at the same time.

Well, I know from some of the posts that I have read that I am not alone in thinking that, and isn't it great that we are all starting to do online meetings.

When doing a meeting it can be recorded and posted to YouTube, and that is the thought behind the purpose of this post. Once we have a couple of links to videos they will be organised into a collection of online videos that we can all watch.

Together we can share and learn from our experiences, and making a collection of videos will help surface the online awesomeness that we are all doing. Also, this might help to become a resource for anyone exploring how to organise an online meeting event.

Email [email protected] or if you are receiving this as an email, reply with your YouTube online video links.

Also, feel very welcome to comment with any questions about how to record a meeting and upload it onto YouTube.

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