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How to make members and friends feel special when they are unwell with a personalised get well card

Not so long ago we organised a get well card personalised with a greeting from all the members of the Lodge, and the member that received the card still says how grateful they are for the thought and how it made them feel better.

Keith Mills shares about how a personalised get well card made him feel.

Before reading the checklist for sending a personalised get well card, have a listen to what Keith said after he got home from a recent trip to hospital.

Checklist for sending a personalised get well card

  1. Keep in touch with members and friends of your Lodge so that you know how they doing, whilst this duty may be delegated to the Almoner all members can play their part keeping in touch with each other.
  2. Preparation is key, so make sure you have some suitable blank get well cards on hand.
  3. Next time the members are meeting encourage everyone to sign the card with get well wishes.
  4. Ask the secretary to send the card, or better still drop the card off at the member's home.

More thoughts and ideas

Watch along for more thoughts and ideas.

Matt Cameron shares about checklist for how to make members and friends special with a personalised get well card.
My key takeaway was that at the time this just felt like such a small thing to do, afterwards it was great to know that sharing a personalised card made a real difference.

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Have you received a personalised get well card from your Lodge, workplace or friends? If you have, how did it made you feel?

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