Helping people share Freemasonry

How to help members and friends become more involved with assistance to connect

The idea is simple, offer aid and assistance when appropriate to get to meetings. If in-person, offer a ride for those who are uncomfortable driving. If online, make sure that members can connect.

WHY - the idea is to help people to get to meetings.

OBJECTIVE - gives help to people that want to be involved.

WHEN - offered to members prior to meeting.

WHO - leadership using contact list.

Check list for offering help with connecting

  1. ASK - prior to meeting, reach out and ask anyone that you know that might need.
  2. HELP - provide the help with connecting.
  3. EASY - make it easy for members to know that they can contact someone to help.
  4. FEATURE - make talking about help with connecting a feature on the agenda to be read out at all meetings.
  5. PLAN - make sure members know how they can help because the ASKING and HELPING might be done by two different people.

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How did it make you feel when your Lodge provided help for getting to meetings, either in person and online?

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