Helping people share Freemasonry

Help with sharing Freemasonry

πŸ˜‰ the purpose of masonsConnect is not to replace any of the very good work that many others are doing in the community, put rather to help people with sharing Freemasonry.

masonsConnect can help you with sharing Freemasonry using social media, websites, email and online events to stay connected. We can do that by having a discussion about good ideas, trailblazing concepts like the list of online meetings and in practice supporting each other as a community.

What does helping people to share Freemasonry mean? it is about providing content and resources that help people with ideas about how to share Freemasonry. masonsConnect is not a news service, nor does it have a paywall for access to content.

Subscribe for free to access all of the content on masonsConnect.

As a subscriber you will be able to:

  1. See the list of online meetings, list of facebook pages and other helpful resources.
  2. Receive regular email updates of new Β content.
  3. Get more involved.

Why do I need to become a subscriber?

And why didn't masonsConnect just keep providing the online spreadsheet?

For now we still are and the list will continue to be maintained.

Moving forward contributors will be able to directly update about their upcoming meetings.

It has been awesome to get the feedback that we have had about the online spreadsheet containing lists of online meetings, facebook pages and other useful information. The issue is that only a couple of people were updating the spreadsheet as contributors and we did not have any way of understanding who our audience is. To be sustainable we need to change that.

A quick note on supporting masonsConnect as a contributor. For masonsConnect to be interesting it needs everyones ongoing support and if only a couple of people are directly involved then it is inevitable that their interest will wain and there will be no masonsConnect.

About supporting masonsConnect as a contributor

There are lots of ways that you can help and get involved.

When you get involved you will have the 100% helpful support from the team to learn how to publish content about Freemasonry.

Becoming a contributor is easy and there is an approval process in place to ensure that you cannot publish anything that is not quite right.

Contact [email protected] if you have some ideas that you would like to share to help people with sharing Freemasonry or would like to become a contributor.

About supporting masonsConnect financially

masonsConnect is totally self funded and to be sustainable needs the support of people that are interested in seeing it have a future.

Self funded means that our financial support only comes from members.

Why didn't masonsConnect go with free services for hosting the website and doing emails? there are a couple reasons for this, for now without going into a lengthy discussion the main reason is to make sure the message is delivered and to provide you with the best experience.

In due course we will provide here a transparent breakdown of all costs. What is interesting is that we don't need a lot of paying subscribers, just enough to make it work.

Quick update because thought it important, and whilst we need to have a committee meeting to verify a budget and produce a transparent ratified agreed breakdown of all costs our budget will most likely be $1,200 per year whilst we are operating at our current scale with up to 250 members.

In summary costs consist of hosting, email, registrations and an allowance for the purchase of stock art.

So what does that mean, and how can you help right now? - with a proposed budget of $1,200 per year (or $100 per month) the project will require 25 $5.00 paying subscribers per month.

Right now the two ways that you can help financially are:

  1. Become a $5.00 per month paying supporter - simply subscribe to masonsConnect and click on the support button and enter your payment details.
  2. Become a Lodge supporting the project for $150.00 per year - with the yearly plan all individual Lodge members get free complimentary masonsConnect paid membership and the warm fuzzy feeling that they have all helped to make a difference to support a community organisation supporting the sharing of Freemasonry.

We just need another 87% support - currently we have 3 individual paying subscribers and a big thank you to our host websitePlus for providing complimentary support to help the project get restarted.

Shortly we will introducing some more creative ways that we can all help fund the masonsConnect project.

Please feel very welcome to continue to use masonsConnect for free.

Supporting masonsConnect financially is optional.

To help the project financially first subscribe then click on the support button.

A very brief history of masonsConnect

masonsConnect was setup by FMV in 90's to help members with learning the internet and back in the day we did talks about how to use the internet to share Freemasonry, how to use email and how to get access to second hand computers. Over time these requirements were met.

It is 2020, why has masonsConnect started up again? We didn't really stop. Like many organisations, masonsConnect operates with a committee structure of president, secretary, treasurer and committee members, and we have continued to meet. With the changes to online meetings this year it became obvious that we needed to be helping once again. So to help with filling a GAP we got to work. These days there are a lot of questions about sharing Lodge stuff online and hopefully what is shared on masonsConnect can help.

Questions about masonsConnect

  • Is the content on masonsConnect approved? only as best practice by members.
  • Is the content on masonsConnect public? yep, anyone can see and read it.
  • Can I help with the masonsConnect project? yes email [email protected] and share how you can help.

What's next for masonsConnect

That is totally up to you. The focus will always be on making it easy to help with sharing Freemasonry.

As quickly as we can masonsConnect will be updating, but remember it takes everyone to make this awesome and the more help that we have the better masonsConnect will be.

Reach out if you have any questions about masonsConnect and thanks for reading along.

From the team at masonsConnect.

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